PrideMakers 2021 / June 11-19, 2021

PrideMakers will be Team Liquid’s first makeathon event where members of the LGBTQIA+ community and allies can come together to collaborate on technical or creative projects.



How do we make LGBTQIA+ people and other minority groups feel valid? This theme revolves around building projects that give these communities a sense of validation, empowering them and making them feel like they belong in tech and/or esports.

Self Expression

Everyone has their own story, and everyone should be allowed to share their own stories. This theme prompts participants to create an artistic piece (music or illustrative art) that describes what Pride means to them.


All times are Pacific Time
Jun 1116:00
PrideMakers Opening Ceremony Live
Welcome to PrideMakers!
Jun 1117:00
Hacking Begins
Jun 1118:00
Workshop: Build Your First Website
An intro to web development with HTML & CSS. You'll leave the session with your own website on the internet– and a good starting point for a page you can work on for the rest of the makeathon.
Jun 1120:00
Workshop: LGBTQ+ Stories in Comics
See how various artists, both Eastern and Western, use comic techniques to portray their identity! Participants will also make their own short comic at the end - beginners welcome!
Jun 1213:00
Workshop: Flamboyant Intro to React.js & Next.js
Come with basic experience with HTML/CSS/JS, leave with an understanding of React.js & an ultraqueer Next.js app live on the web. We’ll understand what these frameworks do, write our first React component, take a tour of the basics of Next.js, & build a website together 🌈
Jun 1214:00
Panel: DEI in Gaming with IDG, Levels Unlocked & Queer Women of Esports
Tune in to our conversation about how women are leading the charge in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusivity in esports. See how each of our organizations is working hard to make everyone feel like they belong in the world of gaming.
Jun 1215:00
Workshop: Make Your Computer Make Art!
For hackers and lazy artists: Make your computer throw out some trippy art that only a computer can think of! We'll throw together some art using P5.js (no prior experience required), with ample opportunity to spin off your own art into something different.
Jun 1311:00
Panel: The Creative Touch: Community and Messaging in a Queer Space
The Creative Touch panel speaks to the value of conversation with your community - both listening and speaking out. We look at how to guide our gaming and esports communities to be inclusive, respectful, and LGBTQ+ friendly given the very wide and diverse backgrounds of our fans. We talk about the importance of shaping and listening to queer narratives and how that shapes our approach to community and creative work.
Jun 1316:00
Workshop: How to be a Cool Command Line Hacker like Trinity in "The Matrix"
The command line is scary but also kind of badass (especially with green text and black background). I'll teach you about the history of it, how it works, and how to level up your cli kung-fu. Good for beginners and intermediate; even experienced users will learn a bunch of history.
Jun 1407:00
Panel: Pride@SAP - The Evolution of 20 years of Embracing Diversity
Get insights from Team Liquids Official Cloud Analytics Partner SAP and their global Pride@SAP network's history and evolution. Hear about the LGBTIQ+ community inside SAP, embracing the diversity, equality, and inclusion life.
Jun 1408:00
Fireside Chat: Gender Diversity in the Trading Industry
Let’s talk about gender diversity within the trading industry. The trading industry has been very male-dominated, something we would like to change within IMC. In September this year, we will kick off our journey with two female talent programs in Trading & Tech. In this fireside chat, Heleen invites you to discuss the topic of gender diversity and will tell you more about IMC's talent programs.
Jun 1609:00
Fireside Chat: Snow White, Senior K12 Education Strategist at Dell Technologies
Join us for a casual fireside chat as we discuss the importance of diversity and inclusion of gamers from all backgrounds and abilities in esports. Learn how Dell Technologies and Alienware are pushing accessibility efforts so that ALL gamers have the opportunity to excel in esports.
Jun 1818:00
Project Submissions Deadline on Devpost
Jun 1819:00
Judging Period Begins
Jun 1912:00
Judging Period Ends
Jun 1815:00
PrideMakers Closing Ceremony
Tune in for our winners announcement!

Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome all hardware and software based projects for PrideMakers 2021! As this is a makeathon, we are also allowing non-hardware/software projects. We are currently only accepting creative projects under “illustrative art” and “music”, but this may change in future events.

If you are unsure about whether or not your project qualifies, please contact an admin!

Each team (or participant if competing solo) is required to submit a demo video (2 minutes maximum) showcasing the project and its core features. If it’s a creative piece, the demo video should include a description of the art piece and an answer to the theme prompt.

Great question! Here are a few examples:

  • Creating game controllers that cater to physical limitations.
  • Gaming setups that are comfortable for people with different needs.
  • Visual novels or narrative-driven games that feature LGBTQIA+ characters in a story.
  • LGBTQIA+ educational websites.
  • Software that addresses public policies and how they affect LGBTQIA+ communities, as well as a plan of action that allows outsiders to help or contribute.

Accepted Pridemakers participants will receive an invitation link via email.

Participants can compete in a team of up to four people. Teams of more than four people may be accepted on a case-by-case basis, but we cannot guarantee approval.

All projects must be submitted to our Devpost page by Friday, June 18th at 6:00 PM Pacific Time. All members of your team must be registered on devpost and added to your project page before the deadline.

No - each team is only allowed ONE (1) project submission. Participants competing solo are also limited to ONE (1) project. Additionally, participants are only allowed to compete in ONE team - we are not allowing participants to be part of two or more teams.

You will be contacted shortly after the closing ceremony by an admin and will be asked to provide information in order to receive the prize.

Although we aim to provide as many participation opportunities as possible, there are legal issues that unfortunately prevent us from hosting a truly global event. We will be looking into providing global access for future makeathon and hackathon events.

Development platforms are the playground for developers, there are many choices to execute your software / application or whatever you are building. We are happy to have AWS supporting the event as a web service provider. You can also use your AWS credit for it. This is where ideas take form and start evolving into actual things. Get your hack on!


Janet FangCo-Founder Liquid Hacks
Vivian NguyenCo-Founder Liquid Hacks